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Spiritual Health

Beach therapy introduces you to mindfulness and helps you expand your meditation practice in the perfect setting!  Mindfulness is the nonjudgmental awareness of present thoughts, feelings, sensations, and surrounding environment.  Mindfulness meditation helps you prioritize your well-being by focusing on the present moment, while calming your body and mind.  Studies show that meditation has both psychological and physical benefits.  Read more...

Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness on the Beach

Physical Health

Beach Therapy empowers you to gain control over your eating and exercising habits.  You learn ways to set and gradually implement your own goals at your own pace. Beach Therapy addresses exercising, eating nutritious meals, and reducing or eliminating harmful foods and substances as essential goals in establishing a healthy lifestyle.  Walking while talking during each session promotes an active lifestyle and supports physical well-being.  Read more...

Beach Therapy

Mental Health

Beach Therapy is a holistic psychotherapy program on the beach.  Unlike formal psychotherapy in an office, it offers fresh air and sunlight along with real ocean sounds!  Research studies show that being outdoors, exercise, and meditation, each on its own, improves mood.  Beach Therapy combines all of these components into each session and uses psychotherapy techniques to improve your overall well-being, rather than treating symptoms of a disorder.   Read more...

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Beach Therapy in Manhattan Beach